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Why are lilies the Easter flower?

Easter Lily and Lily of the Valley
White flowers like the Easter lily often symbolize purity and innocence. For Christians, this purity and innocence is associated with Christ. Lilies also have religious significance from being mentioned in the Bible, both in the Old and New Testaments.

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People also ask, why are lilies used at Easter?

Easter Lily is the traditional flower of Easter and is highly regarded as a joyful symbol of elegance, beauty, spirituality, hope, and life. In Christendom the lily has come to symbolize the resurrection of Jesus because of its delicacy of form and its snow white colosr.

Furthermore, are Easter lilies always white? Easter is almost here, and there's only one flower that can really capture the sacred spirit of the holiday: the Easter lily! The pure white color of this blossom has long symbolized the purity, hope and new life of spring, and its beautiful trumpet shape makes it the perfect herald for the fresh new season.

In this manner, what flower is used to symbolize the Easter holiday?


What does a white Easter lily mean?

A mark of purity and grace throughout the ages, the regal white lily is a fitting symbol of the greater meaning of Easter. Gracing millions of homes and churches, the flowers embody joy, hope and life.

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