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Why did Debra Winger leave Hollywood?

It was later reported that the main reason Winger chose to leave the film was her refusal to work with singer/actress Madonna. Other starring roles during this period included Legal Eagles, Made in Heaven, Everybody Wins, The Sheltering Sky, Leap of Faith, Black Widow, Betrayed, Wilder Napalm and A Dangerous Woman.

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Correspondingly, why did Debra Winger stop acting?

And when Debra would go to the movies, what she saw convinced her she'd made the right decision. She ended her hiatus in 2001 with the film Big Bad Love, in which she stars alongside her husband Arliss, but she admitted that returning to acting was much harder than leaving.

Subsequently, question is, is Debra Winger married? Arliss Howard m. 1996 Timothy Hutton m. 1986–1990

Also Know, what nationality is Debra Winger?


How old is Debra Winger now?

64 years (May 16, 1955)

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