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Why do you need a VOE?

VOE stands for Verification of Enrollment. It's a form that comes from your high school. It's required for teens to be in good standing with their school before they can get a permit or license.

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Herein, do I need a VOE to get my license?

If you're planning to apply for your permit or driver license, you're going to need a form called the VOE, or Verification of Enrollment. This is the state's way of making sure your school attendance and grades are decent before they let you start driving around. You'll need this form when applying for your permit.

can you get a VOE during the summer? Plan ahead and don't forget to request your VOE before school's out. It is usually still possible to request the VOE from your school district during the summer, but getting it now just means one less detail to worry about once you're ready to start driving.

Herein, can you get a VOE form online?

Needing a Verification of Enrollment form to obtain a drivers license or permit in the state of Texas, the VOE, as of April 1, 2019, is now available online. This, in turn, will allow students to get the form any day of any week whereas before, students had to plan around school hours.

How many absences can you have to get your permit?

§16-105. An instructional permit cannot be issued to an applicant under the age of 16 if the applicant's school attendance record indicates more than 10 unexcused absences during the previous school semester.

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