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Why does Dorian fall in love with Sibyl?

As Dorian describes Sibyl and his love for her, Dorian admits that he is entranced partly because Sibyl Vane is an actress and, thus, a different woman every night. He confesses his love for Sibyl, calling her a "genius," and in the next breath states that he doesn't really care who she is or where she came from.

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Similarly, why does Dorian break up with Sibyl?

The extent of Lord Henry's influence is painfully clear as Dorian heartlessly snubs Sibyl, who claims that her real love for him prohibits her from acting out such emotions onstage. Surely, to modern readers, Sibyl's devotion to Dorian—not to mention her grief over losing him—seems a bit melodramatic.

Additionally, what does Dorian say or imply made him fall in love with Sibyl? He hopes that Dorian will be experience new experiences that he has not felt. 16) What does Dorian say or imply made him fall in love with Sibyl? Dorian says that Sibyl is a multifaceted girl and that he loves her. Dorian really doesn't love her, he just loves the women that Sibyl portrays in the plays.

Similarly one may ask, what does Sibyl represent to Dorian?

Dorian, in turn, is uninterested in her after she no longer has her art. He leaves her heartbroken and Sybil, a Juliet-like martyr for love, commits suicide. She is a symbolic character, pure in her love and embodying an artistic ideal.

Why did Sybil kill herself?

The cruel expression on the face in the portrait reminds him of his poor treatment of Sibyl. Sibyl Vane, as Henry had written to Dorian in the unopened letter, has killed herself with poison.

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