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Why does my solder not melt?

Solder has a very low melting point (compared to other metals/alloys). Even a weak 40W iron should melt it almost instantly. If it's not melting the solder, then the iron is not hot enough or even working. The thicker solder requires more heat to melt.

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Considering this, what do you do if Solder won't melt?

try flowing in a little new solder, which might help transfer heat and melt the old. also, a good quality soldering iron tip would be immediately ruined by sanding it. if you can't get solder to flow onto the iron itself, it'll do you no good on anything else.

Similarly, how long does it take for solder to melt? 1 to 3 seconds

Also Know, why is my solder not flowing?

Heat is the number one reason that solder flows. Without it, you'll unsuccessfully try to solder a piece for a very long time. Just enough to hold it, but not to pull a lot of heat from it. If it's still not working, consider a charcoal block which reflects heat, making it easier to solder.

How do you melt old solder?

put your iron to it to heat it up, then dab a tiny bit of new solder on it. the flux in the new solder's core cleans the joint and helps it melt, and the whole thing should go liquidy.

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