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Why does zaroff think Rainsford is droll and naïve?

Zaroff thinks Rainford droll and naive as Zaroff thinks himself as the superior most Hunter and all others to be far below him. EXPLANATION: In the story 'The most Dangerous Game' by Richard Connel Zaroff is a unique character. He lives in an island in majestic lavishness.

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Likewise, people ask, why does zaroff think Rainsford is droll and naïve paragraph 117?

(Paragraph 117) Zaroff thinks it's foolish and old-fashioned that Rainsford values human life even after fighting in the war. Zaroff thinks it is childish and immature that Rainsford has never tried to kill another human.

Secondly, what does Rainsford's repetition of the word nerve reveal about his character? Rainsford's repetition characterizes him as forgetful, which is why he must repeat the word to remember his mission. Rainsford's repetition of “nerve” refers to the nervous system and neurons in the brain, and emphasizes human reason as the most important key to success.

Accordingly, how does Rainsford opinion on animals change throughout the story?

Expert Answers info Jonathan Beutlich, M.A. At the beginning of the story, Rainsford's attitude is fairly cold toward the animals that he hunts. Rainsford loves hunting, and he feels no sympathy for the animals that he hunts and kills.

What does Rainsford's repetition of the word nerve in paragraph 170 paragraph 180 and paragraph 198 reveal about his character?

Rainsford's repetition shows that it is his courage and ability to reason that enables him to survive.

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