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Why is carbon dioxide important in plants?

Carbon dioxide plays an important part in vital plant and animal process, such as photosynthesis and respiration. Plants and animals, in turn, convert the food compounds by combining it with oxygen to release energy for growth and other life activities. This is the respiration process, the reverse of photosynthesis.

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Also asked, why do plants need co2?

In a process called “photosynthesis,” plants use the energy in sunlight to convert CO2 and water to sugar and oxygen. The plants use the sugar for food—food that we use, too, when we eat plants or animals that have eaten plants — and they release the oxygen into the atmosphere.

why do we need carbon dioxide? The Short Answer: Carbon is in carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas that works to trap heat close to Earth. It helps Earth hold the energy it receives from the Sun so it doesn't all escape back into space. If it weren't for carbon dioxide, Earth's ocean would be frozen solid.

In respect to this, why do plants need carbon dioxide for photosynthesis?

Plants extract the carbon dioxide from the air and use it in photosynthesis process to feed themselves. During this process, the plant combines carbon dioxide with water to allow the plant to extract what it needs for food. The plant uses sunlight as energy to perform this chemical reaction.

Do plants grow faster with more co2?

Studies have shown that increased concentrations of carbon dioxide increase photosynthesis, spurring plant growth. While rising carbon dioxide concentrations in the air can be beneficial for plants, it is also the chief culprit of climate change.

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