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Why is neutral position desirable?

Utilizing a neutral position minimizes stress and strain on an employee's muscles, tendons, and helps prevents musculoskeletal disorders from forming. The neutral position also maximizes range of motion for the task at hand.

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Moreover, what is the neutral position?

1 Definition The neutral position is the bodily posture in which a patient is standing with the feed parallel to the analogous hip. The arms are hanging relaxed to each side of the body and the thumbs point forward.

Also Know, what is neutral standing posture? Neutral postures are postures where the body is aligned and balanced while either sitting or standing, placing minimal stress on the body and keeping joints aligned. Neutral postures minimize the stress applied to muscles, tendons, nerves and bones and allows for maximum control and force production.

Regarding this, why is neutral spine important?

The neutral spine position is especially important for synchronized swimmers because there is a belief that they need to have a flat back for the vertical line. It is very important to work in neutral spine position because: the natural curves help cushion and protect the spine.

How do I keep my spine neutral while sleeping?

To maintain a neutral spine while sleeping on your side, bend your knees and place a pillow between your knees. Make sure that the pillow extends all the way from your knees to your ankles, so that your knee's and ankles are in line with each other.

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