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Why was the Temple of Peace built?

The Temple of Peace was built in AD 71, to commemorate Vespasian's defeat of the Jewish revolt. There too he laid up the golden vessels from the Temple of the Jews, for he prided himself on them; but their Law and the crimson curtains of the Inner Sanctuary he ordered to be deposited in the Palace for safe keeping.”

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Also question is, who built the temple of peace?


Likewise, what was the Forum of Augustus used for? Under Augustus, the forum was used mainly for military purposes, such as ceremonious departures and returns from war. The forum also hosted ceremonies wherein young men were awarded togas to signify their coming of age for military purposes.

Correspondingly, what was the Forum Pacis and when was it constructed?

The Temple of Peace (Latin: Templum Pacis), also known as the Forum of Vespasian (Latin: Forum Vespasiani), was built in Rome in 71 AD under Emperor Vespasian in honour to Pax, the Roman goddess of peace. It faces the Velian Hill, toward the famous Colosseum, and was on the southeast side of the Argiletum.

What was the overall message of the Forum of Trajan?

The Forum of Trajan functioned symbolically as propaganda, to glorify the Roman emperor Trajan and his achievements, especially in regard to his leadership in two successful military campaigns against the Dacians.

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